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Just got back from my holiday in Vietnam, place is a shithole, just what i was looking for. fucked 4 little girls aged 8 - 13 years. kidnapped and raped 3, paid the mother 100,000 Vietnamese dong for the 4th. might have even killed one of them. bought some crude heroin from a stall in the slums of Da Nang. after i was done with her i shot her up with as much as i could fit in the needle (which i found on the side of the road) then just left her on the side of the road. now that i'm back in my country, i will continue with my normal life as a law-abiding citizen of the United States of America and work hard to provide for my wife and my 2 kids (15 and 17). if you want to let loose, visit vietnam.
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I failed my English class and lied to momma about it :(
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I'm starting to believe my co-worker is having an breakdown. He just thanked me for the warm tea i gave him.... idiot ... if only he knew...
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I so addicted to masturbating, do I need help?
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I am BAREFOOTSIES and I'm a SCAMMER who scams and spams in the adult business. I am making 20,000 dollars each month, and most it comes from spamming and scamming other webmasters and surfers out. You can check my image hosting drama or just by typing in google my nick + scammer. It's funny though that I'm not being banned on gfy or digitalpoint, even though I was banned several times in the past. I'm also a non-confesed homo. Good times.
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I like poop
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I used to be wealthy, but I let my own narcissistic ignorance cloud my judgment and now I'm broke. I sure wish I could turn back the clock and just go back to operating my site sleazydream with the same traffic I used to have.
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