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i jerk off every hour
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Directory enquiries
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I think my girlfriend is cheating on me. When doing some washing, I have noticed something in her panties. They usually have crust in the crotch. Sometimes none, sometimes a lot. Should I ask her? I am sure this is just not a girly health thing.
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I have been married for about three years and I was happy at first I still am but the thing is I dont love my husband I love a man I was with before I dont know why because I am 24 an he is currently 38 years old I met him when I was 18 I fell for him real qiuck and I know he feels something for me too but he is just scared he has told me he still loves his ex-wife [I met him right after he got divorced]. But he makes me getr so confused because he says that he still loves her but yet he has never stopped calling or wanting to see me. We have seen each other and had sex various times since I've been married. My husband dosent know about him and he dosent know I am married. I feel a lot of things when I am with him I saw him last week it had been a very long time since I had seen him [about 10 months] He knows exactly were to touch me and how to kiss me. I get turned on with a single kiss from him. I really wish I didn't feel this for him but I don't know how to forget about him. I've tried and I know he has too but for some reason we have to see each other again.
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i am still alive
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I'm a so called lesbian and have a girlfriend, but I can't stop watching gay male porn. :)
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People just don't realy know who I am, even my best friends and family.They think I'm just a good boy, but realy I have a lot of sick thoughts, and also, sometimes I talk to myself, even though I know thats not very normal.
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