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I'm married and having a fling with a transexual.
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i'm so in love with the guy that lives down the road from me,vg
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Good crew it's cool :)
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I have been with my girlfriend for three years, and we where hooked up by a mutual lady friend. I met this chick at school, and even though she hooked me up with her best firend, we still stayed in touch and our friendship growed. We would always flirt and have conversations full of inuendo -yet nothing uncommon between plutonic friends. Everything was cool in my life until about a month ago. My girlfriend has been ringing the marriage bell (time is always running out!) as of late, and we got into a heated argument and I needed to vent out my frustrations to someone, and since my good plutonic friend had scheduled me in for a catch up coffee, she seemed like the perfect person, especialy since she is supposed to be my girlfriends good friend. We both started to vent our frustrations out about her exboyfirend, and my girlfriend, and we laughed at how similar our problems were. We shared a moment, and that is when things started to click. We started talking about and her together, which made sense and turned into what we liked about eachother. Well, the point was pushed forward, and we parted the coffee shop with our usual friendly kiss on the lips, but as I was walking back to my place taking in the conversation, and relaizing that the kiss was different this time, I changed directions and headed to her place. She opened the door when I arrived, and I began to talk but before I could say anything she kissed me and we have been all over each other since. We have connected on a level that I do not believe I ever felt. It has been like this for the last month, and I cannot bring this up to my relationship. I want to ask her if she feels the same I do, or am I an idiot, but cannot bring myself to break the itnensity. Meanwhile, on the girfriend front, she laid the law down for marriage, but I cannot get my firend out of my head....I do not seem to be able to le t go of my g-friend until I kno what is happening with my firend...I am confused, and acting weird, and its driving me fucking crazy...thanks for listening!
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this post is fantastic
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